Apocalypse and Prelude

One of the more prestigious hip hop dance competitions finally came to the south this year. It has been more than a year in the making to bring Prelude to the Southeast. I guess there just wasn’t enough of a hip hop dance scene down here to warrant Prelude making the arrangements to have a … Continued

ABDC: the last blog… for now

We made it through callbacks, an obscene amount of paperwork, and a lot of waiting for season 6 of America’s Best Dance Crew. But as of last week we now know that we won’t be apart of the show… this time around. We have no regrets and feel like the amount of growth we achieved … Continued

The Next Big Project

An excerpt from an upcoming choreographic project: Two households, both alike in dignity, From collegiate grudge break to new mutiny, One, from a swamp with Champions sweat fresh, Another, from Royal steps and ancient finesse. In fair Florida, where we lay our scene, Where football fans make civil hands unclean. A pair of star cross’d … Continued

ABDC doing it big

The new season of the show starts at the beginning of April on MTV. Unfortunately for my cru, I’m not allowed to talk about our casting status. I can however post some wicked cool videos of some of the people that came out to our audition in Houston, Texas. Check it out… One of the … Continued

America’s Best dance cru

Its been quite the hiatus. Not from life but just from blogging. Now is as good a time as any to catch up with the biggest thing I’ve tried to do in dance to date. Tonight Apocalypse and myself are on the road to Houston texas for the auditions for America’s Best dance cru on … Continued

Summer of Work

I feel like I’ve been steadily playing catch up on my life since about two weeks ago when I wrote my last blog. Usually, my summers are a time to slow things down a bit and breathe before the next semester of things to do starts up. This summer has been far from the case. … Continued

Recent work

So I’ve come a long way from where I started out. This year I’ve really tried to embrace what it means to be a dancer of various disciplines. It means I have had to step out of my comfort zone to achieve things i previously thought impossible. But I’m proud of where I’m at right … Continued

Annnnd breathe….

So I’ve been ghost for a little over a month now. And for good reason too. The last I left off, I had something to do every weekend in March. That did not really stop when I got to April. That in conjunction with finals from all my classes pretty much had me unavailable 24/7. … Continued

Week 3: Elements of Style

What’s up my loyal 2 readers? It’s been a minute, I know. Hard to write when you barely have time to sit down during the week. Not that I’m doing much better these days. I’m currently house-sitting for a friend in town, so while I watch the dogs sleep I figured I would catch up … Continued

Spring not-so-much-of-a Break

Don’t let the title of this blog entry fool you. I had one hell of a Spring Break this semester. It just was not what I would call a “break” in that, I was dancing the entire week. Let me start from the top: ACDFA (American College Dance Festival) This year the festival was held … Continued