Apocalypse 15 year Anniversary

In 2008 I joined an all-male hip hop dance group called Apocalypse. At the time, I had no idea what kind of legacy I was joining. To sum up the story of Apocalypse, now in its 15th year, I found a post from one of the founding members on facebook, Dwayne Shaw Stennett. It reads as follows:

“In 2000, I had a crazy conversation with Marlon Edwards about creating an all male dance group after watching the FAMU Strikers perform on Showtime at the Apollo. Somehow, I was able to convince Jacques Clervil, Mackendy Eugene, and Dave Harris to jump aboard my crazy vision. They gave me strange looks but some how they stayed around. We devised a constitution and bylaws creating Apocalypse Dance Crew. I then convinced Donovan Martin who thought I was trying to start a devil worship group (not certain why he showed up to practice) and Rocky Cusseaux to join aboard. On July 20, 2000 the organization became official at the University of Florida. We dreamed of creating a lasting legacy. We dreamed of performing on TV. We dreamed of entertaining people. Since 2000, we have had several television appearances including winning BET’s Revamp under the name Ultimate Alliance, World of Dance Competition, and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. We are four time CARIBSA Fashion Talent Show champs, USF’s Florida’s Best Dance Crew 2009, RedZone 2010 Dance Competition in Jacksonville, and Enigma Dance Cru’s Glow 2010 Competition in Tampa. We performed at Gator Growl, Soul Fest, and Dance Marathon. The accolades continue and it has truly been a blessing. Thank you to all members past and present Pierre Tony St Juste, Josh Librun, Christian Castillo, Bernard Boateng, Troy Bennett, Ivan Cheung, Andre Chung, Eric D Fisher, Menalik Archer, Carlton Thompson, Olinga Mitchell, Sony Laventure, Barry S. Naylor II, Roy Ruiz, Jonathan Krotov, and the over 100 members who have carried the legacy of APOCALYPSE DANCE CREW!”

Check the Apoc Youtube page for some of my favorite videos and links to current members who still dance throughout the East Coast.

One of my favorite videos from 2010: