Projects of Necessity

For the past 2 years I’ve spent my summers at ADF. This year I’m staying local and working. The reason is as follows:

Every year that I’ve been at school I’ve been tethered to certain obligations regarding performances and participation in the dance program. Nothing too crazy- I trade my time for a few extra scholarship dollars. The downside is that I haven’t been spending enough of my time finding out what it is that I want to do or say in the dance world. I was too busy fulfilling everyone else’s choreographic vision. Now that I’m entering my last year and a half of grad school I decided to make some changes in my last leg of academic learning. I didn’t sign up for any scholarships so that I would have the freedom to use my time exploring my own choreographic endeavors. I now have an entire academic year to myself to dance and create work as I see fit.

One of the side effects of this decision leaves me in a deficit for more tuition money. So this summer, instead of attending ADF I have been working and saving some money. The bonus, however, is that I have some time during the summer to create work as well. And so has been born the summer of collab. I’ve been reconnecting with old friends and creating work with some new ones as well to better myself as an artist. The results are still coming in. In the next few posts, I will have some video to share.