Projects of Necessity

For the past 2 years I’ve spent my summers at ADF. This year I’m staying local and working. The reason is as follows: Every year that I’ve been at school I’ve been tethered to certain obligations regarding performances and participation in the dance program. Nothing too crazy- I trade my time for a few extra … Continued

Dance Lineage from ADF

So once again I vanished off the face of the planet for 6 weeks to go the American Dance Festival. While I was there I learned a little something about dance lineage (well I learned a crap load, but this is just one thought). In the new dance age of contemporary/modern/whoknowswhatelse it’s becoming harder and … Continued

Supporting My Dance Friends

I said it before. I’ll say it again. I love having talented friends. Alumni team members of my crew Apocalypse, have been blowing up youtube this summer with their new hip-hop choreo projects. Superstars I follow on youtube are Christian Castillo, Josh Librun, Mike Phan, and Felix Chai just to name a few. Many of … Continued


Take this post from the perspective of someone who is still relatively new to dance. Still in the honeymoon phase. Still okay with people who watch dance and go “YASSSS” or “WORK” when they see something awesome. Still in the phase of dance where I appreciate being touched by raw emotion and feeling. Not everyone … Continued

Break a Window

This might sound weird but I’ve always wanted to punch through a car window *smash!* I considered myself a calm and collected person. I’m ruled by logic and censors. But there are some that release raw emotion as if it was an overloaded electrical capacitor *smash!* I sometimes admire that in other people; the ability to … Continued

What is Ballet? (An ongoing discussion)

This last semester at school I took a required ballet history class. Sounds pretty standard for most, except for the fact that I don’t come from this dance world. The big names like Marius Petipa, George Balanchine, and as far back as King Louis XIV had no meaning for me. Indeed, they probably don’t have … Continued

Mathematical Precision

It’s in the title, it’s in my brain, and ironically enough it’s in dance. Math. It’s unavoidable. Dance, music, and mathematics are all interrelated. I’m not just talking about counts either. Anybody can count to eight (well maybe not my upstairs neighbors), but I’m talking about the nitty gritty breakdowns of eight. Music in sixes … Continued

The Creeping Doubt

There is an evil that lives within all of us. Like an infant beast, it makes its home at the back of our minds. It feeds on selfishness, sloth, and your own lack of self confidence. Growing stronger with every moment that you pass by your full potential. It slides forward through your head and … Continued

For the Haters, From a Friend

You do everyone else. (Yes, that includes hypocrisy.) You use oblivion and ignorance as your “super power” to be “above” everyone else. And until you grow up and realize the fact that no one truly gives a darn, I will always be so much better than you. But there’s not much hope in that, is there? See, this time.. … Continued