Summer of Work

I feel like I’ve been steadily playing catch up on my life since about two weeks ago when I wrote my last blog. Usually, my summers are a time to slow things down a bit and breathe before the next semester of things to do starts up. This summer has been far from the case. The weekend of the 5th I finished up the student choreographed show at Santa Fe known as “Room to Dance.” There was a lot of publicity for the show this year and I was a little surprised to find so many articles for it in the papers.  Check these:

Alexis doing her thing

This show was the first time I ever performed a solo for more than just my peers. It was the piece I described creating in the Phillips Center parking garage a few posts back when I had my breakdown. The show went really well for our two night run and everyone was really proud of the stuff they ended up with on stage. I myself am going to try to find a video of the show.

From there, some people could finally say “yay, now I can breathe.” I don’t really have that luxury right now. Now that the show has freed up my time, I need to focus on my next couple of projects. This weekend I’ll be performing with Apocalypse for a cru competition in Tampa sponsored by Enigma Dance cru at the same time as trying to stick around in town to Cameron Dance center recital. Yikes. It should be interesting to see how all that turns out, haha. Needless to say, I’ve had to put in a lot of preparation for both shows since “Room to Dance” ended. In particular, I’m very excited to do work for the show with Apocalypse. It has been entirely too long since I have done a show with those guys. Here’s what the competition looks like via facebook:!/event.php?eid=115031198513337

Immediately after that weekend, I leave for Miami for a week to teach a dance camp for some performing arts highschools in the area. I’ll be giving some modern dance kids a little bit of life in their hip hop training which I have been told is nonexistent. All good though- I’m excited to work with my fellow dancer Vanessa Vargas on the project. She’s a really good dancer from Santa Fe who was also in the “Room to Dance” show.

So yeah, this has been my work for the summer so far. It might be a minute before I write another blog…..