Recent work

So I’ve come a long way from where I started out. This year I’ve really tried to embrace what it means to be a dancer of various disciplines. It means I have had to step out of my comfort zone to achieve things i previously thought impossible. But I’m proud of where I’m at right now even if I bitch and moan about my bad days.

Here are a couple of photos I held on to from this last semester:

That’s me in class at the beginning of a combination. I’m really focusing on trying to be long since I’m so short.

This one is mid-turn. These little low arabesque turns have become some of my favorite.

Here I am with a few other classmates.

This is me just jamming out in the studio.

Gotta stay true to my roots.

Here is one pose I stole from an Alvin Ailey poster. It’s probably one of my favorites.

Lastly, here is one of the final projects that I had to do for my modern 3 class. It was a little something I had to choreograph. The challenge was that I was not allowed to be angular or sharp the way that I am in hip hop. So for this one I tried to focus on my length and grace. I use the word “grace” loosely though, haha

And that’s pretty much it for last semester. From here on I’m looking to the future. There’s another level or two that I really want to reach so that’s where my focus will be.