Returning to Solo Work

This last spring I had the opportunity to choreograph a series of solos on a group of really talented BFA students. While I was in the studio working, I decided to set one for myself. The link below was the result. I felt (and still do feel) like I have a lot to prove in … Continued

Projects of Necessity

For the past 2 years I’ve spent my summers at ADF. This year I’m staying local and working. The reason is as follows: Every year that I’ve been at school I’ve been tethered to certain obligations regarding performances and participation in the dance program. Nothing too crazy- I trade my time for a few extra … Continued

Hip Hop International 2014

If you haven’t heard of this event by now, then get with it. Hip Hop International (HHI) is THE premiere hub for the best of the best that commercial hip hop has to offer. Bboy tricks, precision tutting, and grooving at its best just to name a few styles. It’s not just a dance competition. … Continued

Dance Lineage from ADF

So once again I vanished off the face of the planet for 6 weeks to go the American Dance Festival. While I was there I learned a little something about dance lineage (well I learned a crap load, but this is just one thought). In the new dance age of contemporary/modern/whoknowswhatelse it’s becoming harder and … Continued

Supporting My Dance Friends

I said it before. I’ll say it again. I love having talented friends. Alumni team members of my crew Apocalypse, have been blowing up youtube this summer with their new hip-hop choreo projects. Superstars I follow on youtube are Christian Castillo, Josh Librun, Mike Phan, and Felix Chai just to name a few. Many of … Continued

Danceworld invades Mainstream Media again

Have you seen this yet? You should. Under armour, one of the world’s leading brand names in fitness apparel, has backed world renowned principal ballerina for the American Ballet Theater (ABT), Misty Copeland. What does this mean for dance? For better or worse we have a new mainstream representative. So far it seems that the … Continued


Take this post from the perspective of someone who is still relatively new to dance. Still in the honeymoon phase. Still okay with people who watch dance and go “YASSSS” or “WORK” when they see something awesome. Still in the phase of dance where I appreciate being touched by raw emotion and feeling. Not everyone … Continued

Maybe it’s Me

Welcome to 2014. Welcome to grad school. Welcome to new discoveries as this year I end my 20s and step into my 30s. This month I began my graduate studies at Florida State University as a candidate for Masters in Fine Arts of Dance. I’m well on my way to doing all those adult things … Continued

Is it Wrong to be a Competition Dancer?

Nope. No. Negative. Absolutely not. Where did I even get that idea from? Well, in the collegiate realm some people would have you believe that it is wrong to be a competition dancer. I’m here to tell you about where those people are coming from and also how they couldn’t be more wrong in their … Continued