Herman Ramos

Dancer. Choreographer. Person.
not always in that order...

Another cool shot from first time. We had fog on stage. It was pretty epic.


My name is Herman Ramos and I am a Master's of Fine Arts graduate from Florida State University. I am currently working as an adjunct dance professor in Gainesville, Florida. I call both Santa Fe College and Florida School of the Arts my homes.

I come from Hip-Hop; the culture, the battles, and the ongoing conversation about how to pass on the knowledge to the new generation. I have also studied western classical dance structures and its pedagogy in Academia to find my own choreographic voice in the dance world. Check my youtube posted below to see what I've come up with along the way. Or Instagram @iheart6step to see where I'm going.


Social media has allowed dancers to catalog their art in a very public forum. I have some highlights on my facebook page and a few pictures on twitter but this website allows me to look at all of my work- failure or success.

For a more in-depth look at my work, check out my youtube page

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Available for consultation, guest teaching, and artistic collaboration in and around Florida and South Georgia

Send me an email for more details