The Creeping Doubt

There is an evil that lives within all of us. Like an infant beast, it makes its home at the back of our minds. It feeds on selfishness, sloth, and your own lack of self confidence. Growing stronger with every moment that you pass by your full potential. It slides forward through your head and takes over whenever you put off your ideas and wallow deeper into complacency.

It itches at your psyche

Changing the way you say things

Looking down on others and finding fault in everything they do

Every sound becomes a scratch on the chalkboard

Instinctively you lash out at those around you

Ultimately pushing them away as well

The evil becomes you. And you’re ugly.

You can fight it. You can push it back to the deep recesses from which it came.

You must rage against it.

You can be better, stronger, more intelligent. You don’t have to sit back and let your own doubts eat away at you.
Some will try to blame the world around them, but we all create the world we live in. You always have a choice. If you choose to improve the person you are or the relationships you keep, you can steer from the evil that lies waiting to take you away from life.

You must rage against it.

Don’t become that evil.

Rage against it. Fight for your life and for those who love you.