For the Haters, From a Friend

You do everyone else. (Yes, that includes hypocrisy.) You use oblivion and ignorance as your “super power” to be “above” everyone else.

And until you grow up and realize the fact that no one truly gives a darn, I will always be so much better than you.

But there’s not much hope in that, is there?

See, this time.. there’s no waiting around, nervous, for another head game. There’s not a single doubt in my mind that is persuading me to second guess. I have a clear conscience, and it feels great.

This time, I won’t need your blessing. For anything. Because, although I will always be grateful (another quality you lack) I’ll do me.

And love every minute of it.

by Harley O’Neill

“Watch me do me”- a saying in hip hop culture against haters. Captured here.

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