The Next Big Project

An excerpt from an upcoming choreographic project: Two households, both alike in dignity, From collegiate grudge break to new mutiny, One, from a swamp with Champions sweat fresh, Another, from Royal steps and ancient finesse. In fair Florida, where we lay our scene, Where football fans make civil hands unclean. A pair of star cross’d … Continued

A Love Story

Some people say love is supposed to bring out the best in people. If love is the purest good then maybe lust is somewhere on the opposite side of the spectrum. Love is long-term, lust is short-term; love will bring you up, lust will drag you down; love grows, lust fizzles. One thing that they … Continued

2 men, 3 seats

Two men three seats, with nothing between them except a backpack. Sitting comfortably while others stand. Two men three seats, with their sense of male entitlement between them. Kicking back while others bend to their sloth. Two men three seats, spilling their ego into every direction while others go around. They could move, they could … Continued

The Romance of the Douchebag

I’ve been really lucky to have an amazing modern instructor this year. He’s one of those instructors that you get maybe a few times in your life that really pushes and challenges you in both your strengths and weaknesses. I’ve become a much better dancer because of him. At the end of last semester, the … Continued

Injury inspired writing

When I was Invincible When I was young I learned early on that I could will my body into doing great things. If I perceived it, I could become faster, move quicker, and be smarter than my opponents. Soccer was my weapon of choice, mainly out of a strong hispanic tradition. On the field I … Continued

A Narrative

True story: I’m allergic to peanuts. Here is a story I wrote about the first time I was hospitalized for it. Finally, I was calm and as the Benadryl took its effect, I became more aware of my surroundings. The air was sterile with the taste of fragrant-less anti-bacterial products. The sheets I laid in … Continued