The Male Dancer Conundrum

Playing soccer when I was younger, I remember having a severe disdain for the idea of the coach’s son on the field. He was the player who got everything he wanted because his dad was the team coach. The spoiled brat could be on the field as much or as little as he wanted regardless … Continued

Fighting From the Ropes

I have always been able to understand a person’s ability to just lie down and give up when things get tough. From personal experience I know that it is just the easier thing to do sometimes. I spent an entire semester at school doing just that. When things got tough and I didn’t want to … Continued

New Year of Dance

Its been a busy few months and quite a journey. I’m now officially a dance major at FSU and diving straight into my classes and pieces for the next couple of months. I’m on a fast track to achieving a minor in art history and, if things schedule well with classes, I’ll be set to … Continued

CYPHER Mixtape and Choreo project

Lately I feel like I’ve been scrambling to hold on to my game. I hit the gym daily and dance hard at rehearsals just to stay at my current level. Still, I feel no positive growth. I need heavier challenges and I need to find a way to dance around the fact that I’m too … Continued

Mathematical Precision

It’s in the title, it’s in my brain, and ironically enough it’s in dance. Math. It’s unavoidable. Dance, music, and mathematics are all interrelated. I’m not just talking about counts either. Anybody can count to eight (well maybe not my upstairs neighbors), but I’m talking about the nitty gritty breakdowns of eight. Music in sixes … Continued

Tallahassee and the Next Big Thing

This week marked the completion of my first week at Florida State University.  It is a top notch school with one of the most competitive and selective dance programs in the state of Florida; not to mention the only place in Florida where you can find a MFA in dance. I’m not a dance major … Continued

The Creeping Doubt

There is an evil that lives within all of us. Like an infant beast, it makes its home at the back of our minds. It feeds on selfishness, sloth, and your own lack of self confidence. Growing stronger with every moment that you pass by your full potential. It slides forward through your head and … Continued

For the Haters, From a Friend

You do everyone else. (Yes, that includes hypocrisy.) You use oblivion and ignorance as your “super power” to be “above” everyone else. And until you grow up and realize the fact that no one truly gives a darn, I will always be so much better than you. But there’s not much hope in that, is there? See, this time.. … Continued

Another artist gone…

In honor of the late Amy Winehouse, I’d like to post my favorite video of the artist. I can’t say I’m too surprised by the news. She had a lot of addictions and a lot of issues that kept her clinging to those addictions. It’s a shame that some celebrities will create wonderful work as … Continued

The World of the Dance Recital

Ever wonder about the life of a studio dancer? They begin with a lot of makeup and glitter at their local theater or at meaningless dance competitions. For an extreme look at this world, there is a new reality show on Lifetime called Dance Moms Another year, another recital. A dance recital is the culmination … Continued