Another artist gone…

In honor of the late Amy Winehouse, I’d like to post my favorite video of the artist.

I can’t say I’m too surprised by the news. She had a lot of addictions and a lot of issues that kept her clinging to those addictions. It’s a shame that some celebrities will create wonderful work as their only legacy to this world when they could do so much more with their fame and talents.

I recently watched a documentary called “The Hip Hop Project” that told a different story of a man who was given every disadvantage in life and used his connection to his artistry to heal his wounds. Eventually, the rapper known as Kazi, was able to give back to his community and reach out to at-risk teenagers. His program, his legacy, was a result of the outlet for his talents and his demons. Showing this to many other youths and saving their own lives, they are now beginning programs in other cities and spreading the positive influence fueled by the power of hip hop.

It just goes to show that not every celebrity is doomed to collapse under the weight of their own talent and prestige.