The World of the Dance Recital

Ever wonder about the life of a studio dancer? They begin with a lot of makeup and glitter at their local theater or at meaningless dance competitions. For an extreme look at this world, there is a new reality show on Lifetime called Dance Moms

Another year, another recital. A dance recital is the culmination of everything a dancer learns from their instructors after a full season of dance. It’s a show that won’t get too much publicity in the news or sell millions of tickets to eager lovers of dance. It’s a show where parents can dress up their children in outrageous outfits and bring their friends and family to take pictures and talk about how cute they are. As the children get older, less family come to support but hopefully the parents still watch. The children grow into teenagers and adults with a fraternal bond to their peers through dance. The recitals become more than just an opportunity to dance on stage, they become milestones in life and a chance to reflect on things learned, friends made, and friends who move on.

As I left my last recital at Cameron dancenter earlier this summer, I took a look back at the new steps I took in dance as a performer and a choreographer. I owe a lot of who I am as a dancer to this studio. Here are a few things I did there in the last year:


During the Company's Production of Cinderella, I was asked to choreograph a man trio of Thai warriors at the Prince's Ball


A different, more modern dance, in cinderella with lots of epic lifts.











Duet in Cinderella called "Woodland"








A premiere practice spot for Apocalypse. We readied for ABDC, World of Dance, and Prelude at the Studio













Pose from our Spring concert dance "First Time"













Group number in Cinderella








Another shot from "Woodland"









Another cool shot from first time. We had fog on stage. It was pretty epic.










A piece I set in Miami as a guest artist earlier in the year

A contemporary routine I taught at the first Apocalypse Gainesville Workshop