Is it Wrong to be a Competition Dancer?

Nope. No. Negative. Absolutely not. Where did I even get that idea from? Well, in the collegiate realm some people would have you believe that it is wrong to be a competition dancer. I’m here to tell you about where those people are coming from and also how they couldn’t be more wrong in their … Continued

Dance Academia: A Note to College Freshman

There are many different faces of the dance world. I experienced a few first hand but currently I’m knee deep in the college world of dance. If you’re a college freshman going to school for dance, here’s what you can expect: College dance, particularly at a major 4-year University, is not a glamorous ride of … Continued

Fighting the Auto-Pilot

You sit at your desk, staring blankly at the wall. A voice echoes in the distance but you don’t really listen to it. The voice repeats, sometimes three times before you realize it’s a friend trying to get your attention. “Are you okay?” they ask. Of course you are; you just blanked out for a … Continued

Bieber, the new Spears

Justin  Bieber is the new Britney spears Hear me out. I’m speaking from a purely entertainment industry perspective here. Yes, Bieber looks like a 12 year old girl on his best day. Yes Britney is crazy. All that is from their personal lives, and yes that makes them different people. But what I’m talking about … Continued

Awesome White-Girl Syndrome

It’s amazing what a little bit of high energy music can do for a repertory class. I sit out today from class because a couple of fire ants decided to have their way with my feet yesterday. So instead of dancing some amazing work from Alex Ketley, I get to sit out and take notes … Continued

All Work No Play Fall Semester

My return from 3 month hiatus. FSU Dance continues to own my life but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a terrible saying that I use when I get overly busy during the semester. I like to say that “I’m too busy dancing to dance” – meaning that I’m forced to do … Continued

Let the Pro’s Handle It

Tonight I had the special privilege to take a jazz master class by a crazy awesome young lady by the name of Melissa Emrico. Don’t know the name? Do a Google search and she’ll pop up as a dancer for Lady Gaga. She’s been featured in a few videos and is very much a professional … Continued

My take on Hip Hop Dance definitions

Here is a recent look at how I am trying to define Hip Hop Dance forms. Hip hop movement theory In the most general sense and as with many dance forms, hip hop movement is a conversation between the dancer and the audience. The differentiating factor is that hip hop movement is more aggressive. Not … Continued

Shameless Self-Promotion

I’m not caught on camera often. Usually I just keep video records of my choreo for later study and criticism. Here are some fun things that I did this past year. This first one is from a cool little studio where my buddy Rami teaches called Dance Tallahassee Here is some shameless freestyle battling that … Continued

Summer 2012

First year of dance at FSU is done. Life is looking pretty good these days. Celebrations have been in high demand for the last week to commemorate the end of the semester and a successful performance of Rapunzel with the Tallahassee Ballet. And now its time to look ahead to my summer to see what … Continued