The Romance of the Douchebag

I’ve been really lucky to have an amazing modern instructor this year. He’s one of those instructors that you get maybe a few times in your life that really pushes and challenges you in both your strengths and weaknesses. I’ve become a much better dancer because of him.

At the end of last semester, the class did a choreography project in which we were told to “embody” someone or something and bring a unique set of movement together to bring that person or thing to the audience. Well, I was struck by inspiration to embody a jerk or what other people would refer to as a douchebag. As luck would have it, my muse attended my english class on a fairly regular basis, so I was never hurting for creative juices to flow. When I have, what I would consider, an acceptable copy of my solo I’ll post it. Until then I thought maybe some creative writing on my character might help me on a different level to get my character across:

You can see it begin to happen: the onset of attraction, a lingering glance as he nonchalantly talks louder than he rightfully should to describe his drunken debaucheries from the night before. A Monday night at that! What a rebel. She cracks a beautiful smile, unwittingly springing the trap. He’s different, interesting, and bold- she thinks. Oh, if he could only be tamed. Surely, he couldn’t be that shallow. There must be more to him. She’s willing to find out. She leans closer and giggles as he casually disrespects a peer…
What a cool guy you are. You just couldn’t care less about the events of life or the people in it. Oh and how sweet it will be when she realizes how little you care about her feelings as well. By then you will have taken as trophy her most valuable fragility. Does she suspect her trust will be shattered? How could anyone?
The sadness of the story falls on both sides. On the foolish for having been fooled and on the fool for having wasted his life.