2 men, 3 seats

Two men three seats, with nothing between them except a backpack. Sitting comfortably while others stand.

Two men three seats, with their sense of male entitlement between them. Kicking back while others bend to their sloth.

Two men three seats, spilling their ego into every direction while others go around.

They could move, they could accommodate, they could be human. Instead, they sit sinking farther into their selfish needs. Over the dull roar of the bus engine you can hear the soft beats of the songs playing through their headphones. They must be loud in their own ears in order for others to hear it. The sound drowns out their conscience. Their comfort brings more confidence which in turn allows them to stretch their legs farther into the already cramped aisle. They have no need to be smug; no one will challenge them for their seats.

The bus screeches and moves the passengers, but the two do not budge. Their homophobia is embodied in the backpack that they keep between them. The same feelings that keep men from standing next to each others’ stalls at the urinals in public bathrooms. It is the only discomfort they feel. On either side of their bus seat Kingdom sit attractive women. Within their own walls they must share space for their inconsiderate nature.

The older man steps through the gaggle of people to find his seat is taken by an inanimate object. The two men make eye contact with him and then look away and drift back to their music. The old man is confused. He thinks there is supposed to be a way that this works; a way for someone to give up a seat so that he can sit. This is his entitlement but one that he has earned through many years on this planet. But the two know they will not be challenged by anyone. The other passengers look front and pretend not to notice. Another man relinquishes his seat and allows the older man to sit. At least that much.

Two men three seats, with nothing between them except for the events that transpire that very morning on bus number43 to Santa Fe College. Where people go to become better people.

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