Teacher’s Euphoria

I would describe myself as a decent dancer. Nothing too superhuman or incredibly amazing to set me apart from some of my other professional peers. If anything, I’d like to think of myself as a choreographer’s dancer. The one who tries to actively adapt his style to match that of the choreographer. That’s my one marketable commodity. Other than that, nothing special.
I consider myself lucky to teach dance based on this fact. I feel that pupil’s should see something to aspire to in their teachers. In that drive to grow into something beyond yourself is where great dancers are born. Recently though, I have discovered that the universe helps me as a teacher to achieve certain impressive feats while teaching. I’ve coined this strange phenomena as “Teacher’s Euphoria.”
It’s weird how it works, but it has happened enough times that I can sort of describe its occurrences. During classes that I have taught I’ve been granted superhuman stamina and strength. If I’m demonstrating an exercise, I can go on holding positions or going through seemingly excruciating movements far longer than my students can possibly bear. I’ve also been granted near perfect balance; holding odd positions in choreography or completing several turns when some days even 2 turns escape me.
The cool thing about this phenomena is the very thing that is so frustrating about it. Its not something that can be called upon. Its given to you at precisely the right moment when your students are watching and not when you think you need it. It can’t be replicated in other situations; only when teaching. And just as quickly as it came, it leaves you.
These days I really try to aim for TE while I’m teaching. I think I’ve reached a point where I know how to properly (although not delicately) push and pull a little more out of students. I figure, if I can give them some things that are just out of their reach, then they’ll have to get better to get it. If they really want it, that is. I get really tired of the message that kids and parents receive that says “everyone is special.” To quote the incredibles: “when everyone is special, no one is.” I figure this can all be apart of my personal war against mediocrity. I want to be associated with excellence- not niceness. And if I can yell and push while appearing superhuman, I think it can only help my ultimate goal.
Here’s to you TE, with mastery of you comes world domination, haha