Wear Your Medals

Attitude will get you everywhere.

Did you ever notice why many people in the entertainment business are dorky and weird? Don’t get me wrong, we’re all pretty fun. But watch out if you put a bunch of theater kids or dancers in one room and see what kind of funny crazyness comes out.

It starts with the attitude; the way that people approach things they consider difficult. The self proclaimed “cool” people tend to bail on things that are hard for themselves. They never quite build up enough self esteem to be able to try and fail at something enough times that they eventually succeed. The ones with enough fortitude to stand in front of people and deliver performance with high probabilities of error are also the ones that are okay with being spontaneous and funny. They could really care less about what you think of their personality. Its all in the attitude in the face of adversity.

A cool kid will find excuses to why they’re not succeeding. They will make sure you know why today is different from other days. Some people will look through the bull- some won’t. But it won’t make the cool kid any better at what they do. There will be no growth. Progress comes from accepting your shortcomings and moving forward. Life is not fair- people are not born equal, socially or physically. Sometimes, to fight for what you love you have to compensate where others don’t. You have to not be a baby, and deal. Everyday that you use your inefficiencies as an excuse is another day you lose forward progress. Did you have a bad day? Didn’t get the role you wanted? Are you tired from other things? Have an injury? Cry about it. You can always work around it (yes, even an injury. What’s it called? Oh yeah, isolation. Your whole body isn’t broken. Work other muscles). Your future employers will be out on the floor doing work after going through the same if not worse than what u did.

Eventually you have to see your weaknesses as accomplishments. Example: I became great despite my disability/height/weight/sickness, etc. Rather than using those things as an excuse to sit out and mope. Every disadvantage that you have should be a medal over adversity, not an crutch. What’s the verdict? Do you want to be a cool kid or do you want to do something with your life? Don’t punk out. Wear your medals proudly. Don’t let them weigh you down and stop you from progress. And most of all- Do Work.