Challenges in Group Dynamics

Don’t let the title fool you. It’s just a fancy way of saying “beware of human factors on teams.” It happens in every facet of group work. It’s the he-said, she-said, business. The one with the ego causes problems, or the one with the attitude is rattling everyone else’s cage. For some reason, I’ve been running into it a lot more at the start of this semester. I guess I always thought that in adulthood these problems were less common because adults know how to handle things better. I guessed wrong.
Its funny how stress can affect basic metabolic functions in the body. Just from thinking about some of the many people issues I’ve run into, my appetite was reduced and I slept more restlessly.
Some good advice I received on the situation is that no matter what kind of group, things will always get personal no matter how professional the group goal is. When people are involved, you have to watch for feelings getting hurt or ruining fragile work relationships. But as long as the group can communicate what it needs from its members, you can move past the human factors and continue towards the group goal.
Communication is the key.
On a more individual note. You can’t let silly things like other people ruin your own good energy. Your mind has just as much ability to bring you down as it does picking you up. If you think positive, you will be positive. It sounds like a self-help book, I know. But its true. I was watching the movie Ninja Assassin the other day with my new roommates and there are several scenes where the protagonist controls blood loss from his wounds and even heals himself just using his mind and controlling his chi flow. That’s more of an extreme example of mind over body but its still pretty cool to think about and not too far from the truth. People using hypnosis instead of anesthesia during surgery bleed less and heal faster. That’s real.
Just some things to think about this morning. Communicate and stay positive.