Ridiculous dance

One of my long term goal/dreams is to one day be able to have a studio of my own where I can teach my own brand of dance to the next generation. It’d be awesome to have a cru there to practice with as well. This is the way that many of the teams that come through dance shows do. In this way you have a number of colleagues that are at your level or higher that are constantly pushing you to do better and crazier things.

One of my buddies on Apocalypse stumbled upon this video and I thought I would post it because it is exactly the way I would want to run a studio someday. If I could have a talented faculty like this, then I would be set to go. Its great because there is a little something for everybody in the instructors at the studio; plus plenty of talent.

Couple of highlights throughout the video include a neat forced arch trick at about 38 sec.

A sick bboy run at 1:04 that ends with a unique freeze and a sense of humor that I can’t get enough of.

Pretty much the entire routine by “Sifu” at 3:12

The combination by muika hicks and adrian thompkins is ridiculously diva but done oh-so-right. Even by the doode.

The routine by Cliff Ledesma

The all ladies piece and of course, the last duet at 8:50 which just left my jaw on the ground.


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  1. I don’t know about you, but I like the girls routine at 2:00…

    And the girl at 6:00…

    Maybe its just me seeing a girl dance is something more exciting.

    But you were definitely right about that last Duet…

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