Gone Mobile

Good to be back. After a nice two month hiatus I’m pretty excited to be writing blogs again. Its not like I haven’t been busy over the summer. Quite the contrary. I’ve been working and making some big decisions that will definitely be affecting me and what I do over the next year.
I’m back in school for one final semester. I’m taking 22 credits (yikes) in order to tie up some loose ends and finally graduate. I’m also back on scholarship oddly enough. They’re paying for my last semester in school but I won’t really be performing with them so much. At the end of the spring semester during the audition for the scholarship I told them I would be dancing with apocalypse more. I have to make it a priority to see if I can make something happen with that. My professors were less than ecstatic about the news but they’re doing their best to work with my decision, which I appreciate.
The summer was filled with a huge variety of teaching opportunities. Since my last entry, I came back from miami with an offer to choreograph a new piece for competition season for a good group of girls down there. I had a paid teaching job at santa fe, and I even got some paid work at a new studio back home in virginia.
The best thing about blogging again besides all these cool things that are happening, is the fact that now I have a mobile wordpress app on my phone. The old centro, while it treated me well, died a slow and uneventful death due to me overusing the hell out of it. Now I have a shiny and fancy new blackberry curve. If you have the chance to upgrade to a blackberry sometime, I highly recommend it. It is so choice.
Its been crazy two month hiatus and now even crazier with school starting up. I’m pretty stoked to see where this semester takes me. Rest assured, ill be documenting it all a lot more with the help of technology.