Summer 2012

First year of dance at FSU is done. Life is looking pretty good these days. Celebrations have been in high demand for the last week to commemorate the end of the semester and a successful performance of Rapunzel with the Tallahassee Ballet. And now its time to look ahead to my summer to see what other dance opportunities await me.

For May and the better part of June I’ll be traveling back and forth from Gainesville and Tallahassee on a few choreography projects. In Gainesville, I’ll be choreographing a new male dance trio for my old Danscompany to be performed at their end of year recital. Meanwhile, back in Tallahassee, I have a choreo project with musician-genius extraordinaire Dan Smith of the FSU faculty. During downtime I really want to start shooting a number of choreographic videos with some of my very talented peers from the school of dance.

The end of June I’ll be teaching in Gainesville for Rising Star summer Academy. It will be a good opportunity to teach dance to talented students without extensive dance backgrounds.

Then in July I’ll finish my round of teaching with one of my best friends’ dance camp. This year we’re going on tour throughout Eastern Florida to bring collegiate level dance to Middle/High school students with strong dance programs.

So basically, I have just this one week to chilax before I get back to work. My creative juices are already flowing. Gotta keep moving forward to progress as the choreographer I hope to be someday.

*Update to summer projects 5/17/12

Sadly, I will no longer be working to create an all male piece for the Danscompany recital. I had the dancers, I had an idea and choreography. Unfortunately I did not have parental support for the project. Unknown voices spoke out upon the immediate revelation of the piece’s existence. They reasoned that it wasn’t fair for only a select few to dance in the work; that it needed to include all of the men at the studio regardless of schedule, skill level, or personal chemistry. It sounded too much like the beginning of a mediocre dance work for my personal taste. The involved members met and discussed the options. We chose, as a group, to disband the project. We believe it was better to take the time off rather than work in unfavorable conditions. Whether the parent/s in question were working for the betterment of the studio or the selfish advancement of their own children will have to remain unclear.