World of Dance on Tour

I have a severe problem listening to people talk about hip hop. As one of the newest dance forms, there is little formal education on the genre and many people that proclaim themselves experts that have far too little experience to offer anything of value to hip hop.

Its for this reason that I am so thankful for the traveling hip hop entities of World of Dance, Prelude, and Hip Hop International. It is here that you can find the creme de la creme of what is, was, and will be hip hop in the dance world. Entire communities of dancers and non-dancers alike show up to compete and share in the culture.

This year Apocalypse will be trying to branch out even more than ever before by joining in the celebrations of these communities. We will catch World of Dance as they tour through Dallas and showcase the best of the best from the South. Then we will compete in Prelude down in Tampa as they try to find out who reigns supreme in the South. These communities are great because they tour much of North America and, in the case of Hip Hop International, the world with several exhibition crews in order to gather a crowd. In between the shows are some of the largest and most respected hip hop competitions.

World of Dance will be touring through LA, Dallas, Chicago, and New York this year. The LA branch was already a huge success this year featuring exhibition acts from Quest Crew and the newly formed Most Wanted crew. Here are the top 3 winning crews so far from the competition that finished in LA 2 weeks ago:

3rd Place Winner, The Company

2nd Place Winner and last year’s top team, GRV

This year’s top team, Hype