The Great Soreness

There is a pain that every athlete and fitness person knows. It comes from the return. I call it that becomes there are really a few things to return to. There is a return from personal vacation- the period of time when you can let your body relax. There is a return from work- you know, all those annoying things like a career or family that keep you from doing what you really want to spend time on. There is also a return to former prowess. This is one I am striving to get back to. There is a feeling of deep accomplishment that comes from being in peak physical condition. That that feeling comes with a nasty little price though and a lot of physical ouch- especially on the first week back.
So here I am on Monday. Its my 7th day back in the game and I’m not feeling too bad. Day 5 and 6 were a really different story. That was when I really felt the soreness in my body from the work I had been doing but more importantly, from the work I hadn’t been doing. It was a good time to identify my week spots in my body and believe me, there are plenty. But I have a goal in mind. I know what it feels like to be on top of my game, I just need to get there once more. And for that, I’ll endure many more days of that same pain. Problem areas I’ve identified from my anguish are in my calfs, outside hip, and lower back/butt muscles. Probably not so ironic that those are all important ballet muscles. I’m not quite the master of that realm, but I will be.
On the positive note, I feel like this semester gives more evidence to my progress. I really thought I was awesomely in shape and all around bad-ass at the end of last spring semester. When this last fall semester hit, I was hit hard with reality. I wasn’t that fit. It was also a very humbling experience to get my butt kicked so thoroughly. The soreness I got to be at a good physical peak by the middle of that semester was heavy, but the fact that it hasn’t hurt as much this semester let’s me know that there is a lot that I’ve been hanging on to. And that’s a pretty comforting feeling. I’m ready for round 2 from here. Body is loose, and relatively pain free. As long as I stay healthy ill be okay.