Hip Hop versus….

There’s been an ongoing battle inside myself. It stems from trying to decide how it is that I am going to pursue my dance career. Recently I discovered how awesome modern dance is, and these days I’m getting really good at it with the help of ballet. There was also a period of time when I wasn’t into hip hop. It had gone stale for me and I was not being challenged enough. Apocalypse has definitely rekindled my long time romance for the dance form now. And as much fun as I’m having in modern and contemporary dance these days, I still keep coming back for more hip hop. This last weekend I went to a premiere event in Gainesville. It was “Icing on the Break,” a bboy event put together by my good friend Devon. The competition was 2v2 with emcee battles and locking battles as well. I felt physically ill to be so out of practice with my peers and made a private vow to try to get back into it next year when I’m not on scholarship at school.

But that’s enough about boring old me. Here are some nasty Hip Hop dance videos I found around on youtube:

that’s some serious control.

Here’s a prime example of precision in choreography.

A completely different look from the previous video but equally nasty.

I can get on this level. I just need to find the peeps that are already there to go with.