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The Hip Hop Project is an award winning arts-based education organization that engages and empowers the voice of young people through innovative programming, multimedia activism, mentorship and community service projects.

mission, vision and philosophy
The Hip Hop Project provides in-depth professional development for teachers, educators artists and executives.
our history
We are privileged enough to have tremendous teaching artists that dedicate their time to the young people every week.
core principles
We the community of the Hip Hop Project believe:
hip hop pedagogy
We utilize a culturally relevant approach to engaging young people called Hip Hop Pedagogy, which has been proven to effectively teach critical thinking, social justice, cultural competency and history.
programs and services
The Hip Hop project provide in-classroom workshop, live performances, artist development, film screenings, professional development and collaborative partnerships
the film
The Hip Hop Project tells the dynamic and inspirational story of a group of New York City teenagers who transform their life stories using hip hop as a vehicle for self- development and discovery.