Monday, March 21, 2011

ABDC6 Preview by Names are Overrated: What to expect from the crews

Here's the rest of the preview of the crews chosen for America's Best Dance Crew Season 6. Thanks, Names are Overrated!
Eclectic Gentlemen-North Hollywood, California
Strengths-Eclectic Gentlemen is composed of dancers from LXD and Destined 2 Be. They have different choreographers each with their own unique style. This group is very clean and precise, no matter whose choreography they’re using, which shows their talent as dancers. Eclectic Gentlemen’s smooth moves and sophisticated attire could win over America’s vote.
What they need to do if they want to go far-Their choreography is simple compared to what we’ve seen in the past. If they could step it up a notch while still saying super clean, they could go far.

FootworKINGz-Chicago, Illinois
Strengths-ABDC has seen footwork before, but not on this crew’s level. When they perform, they move at blazing fast speeds. Their energy is amazing and their footwork is probably among the best in the country. The FootworKINGz are very talented and exciting, and have done well on America’s Got Talent, showing that they have the ability to garner votes.
What they need to do if they want to go far-While their footwork is amazing; it could potentially get old very quickly. They need to show America that they are doing something different each week.


IaMmE-Houston, Texas
Strengths-Assembled by the world famous duo of Pacman and Moon, this crew is the most hyped group going into the season. Each dancer in this crew has their own unique strengths that they contribute to the crew. IaMmE’s strong point is definitely their tutting which they present in creative formations, giving us great visuals with them.
What they need to do if they want to go far-Many viewers have sky high expectations for this crew. Live up to them, and they could be very successful on this show.


ICONic Boyz-Englishtown, New Jersey
Strengths-Based out of ICON Dance Studio, these boys are a miniature version of ABDC 1’s ICONic.  These boys are all the brilliance of Geo Hubela wrapped up in fun sized packages. His choreography combined with the cute factor could propel them along in this competition.
What they need to do if they want to go far-They need to prove that they’re not just good for their age. They need to be good, period. Dance like adults and they could make it farther than ICONic did.


Instant Noodles-Los Angeles, California
Strengths-The token bboy crew for this season is very different from the ones we’ve seen in the past. Instant Noodles is more performance oriented than traditional bboy crews and they focus more on musicality than power. They package their moves really well and are great at choreographing their breaking.
What they need to do if they want to go far-A lot of their performances have stopping and posing going on. While not necessarily bad since they’re done for musicality purposes, they need to be constantly moving in their 50 second ABDC routines.

JAG6ED-Crenshaw, California
Strengths-This season’s “gimmick” crew comes in the form of a group of contemporary pole dancers. Their pole dancing is very graceful. They give a lot of nice visuals in their choreography (I do not mean that sexually). When it comes to showcasing pole dancing as an art form, these girls do a great job of it.
What they need to do if they want to go far-If they’re trying to not be viewed as strippers, their sexy style won’t help. Not to mention, sexy crews never get much love from the viewers. They need to show another side of them if they want to make it far.


Phunk Phenomenon-Boston, Massachusetts
Strengths-Phunk Phenomenon is a dominant presence on the East Coast dance scene. Their choreography hits hard. Phunk also has shown clever use of props in past performances. They also have a strong bboy in their crew named Bebo who can definitely create wow moments on his own.
What they need to do if they want to go far-This crew is a sleeper crew right now. They’re going to need to catch people’s attention with their performances on the show.


ReQuest-Auckland, New Zealand
Strengths-These ladies from New Zealand are the reigning world hip hop dance champions. They are very strong dancers and are versatile. They’ve shown their fierceness, sharpness, sex appeal, and swag in their performances. They are very clean and are very diverse in styles.
What they need to do if they want to go far-We saw last season that Americans don’t like voting for international crews. ReQuest needs to show that they are consistently better than the American crews if they want votes.


Street Kingdom-Los Angeles, California
Strengths-We’ve seen attempts at krumping in past seasons of the show. This crew is here to show America how it’s done right. Being the founding crew of the krump style, they are the best at what they do. America is bound to fall in love with krumping once Tight Eyez and friends hit the stage.
What they need to do if they want to go far-There is going to be a lot of pop music this season. They need to find a way to krump to that.

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